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En Anglais:High Court grounds aircraft from DR Congo in Dublin over a 10m dispute

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Congo-Airways-604x345-The High Court grounded an aircraft, allegedly belonging to a state airline of the Democratic Republic of Congo, from leaving Dublin Airport in a dispute over a debt of €10 million.

The interim injunction prevents both the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and La Société Congo Airlines from moving, operating or otherwise interfering with the aircraft – an Airbus A320 undergoing works in Dublin – without their consent.

The injunction also prohibits the aircraft’s removal from the jurisdiction. The interim injunction was granted, on an ex-parte basis where only one side was present in court, by Mr Justice John Hedigan.

The order was sought by a US company Miminco LLC and two American citizens John Dormer Tyson and Ilunga Jean Mukendi who are owed some $11.5 million by the Congolese government. The US parties say they got into a dispute with the DRC in relation to the ownership of two diamond mines they bought.

(The Irish Times)