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In English- Anglican Church:Rwanda Preparing for War?

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Paul Kagame traqué par la presse dans son role nocif en RD Congo -According to Jean-Michel Dumont, M23 fired three rounds of artillery into Rwanda this morning, adding to the false flag attacks they have launched in the past. Rwanda acts as both arsonist and fireman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and given the recent setbacks that its armed militia, M23, has suffered, it seems like Paul Kagame may be laying down a false pretext that will allow him to openly invade the DRC for a third time in the past 19 years.
Pikkie Greeff ‏reports on Twitter that: “M23 logistical supply lines from Rwanda being bombarded by Ukrainian helicopter gunships this morning, SA (south African) troops support from ground.”
Kagame cannot afford to lose the mining wealth he steals from the DRC because it is a large part of what keeps Rwanda’s budget afloat. Furthermore, Rwanda teaches school children and military personnel that the Kivu Provinces of the DRC were once part of Rwanda, with the obvious implication being that they should be part of it again.
Yesterday, the Rwandan military “invited all able bodied Rwandans aged between 18 and 23 to register for military training.” A young Rwandan who fled to Uganda to escape forcible enlistment in M23 was found by Ugandan police dumped in a cemetery after being tortured. Rwanda’s recriminations extend to foreign nations.
Meanwhile, Anglicans in America who are connected to Rwanda are predictibly silent about their counterparts in Rwanda. Praying for peace in the DRC is not credible if your nation is the one stirring up war.