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In English: Intervention Force Brigade (FIB) Drill in Sake, D.R. Congo

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Armee_sud_africaine-The newly formed Intervention Force Brigade (FIB) held a drill exercise at their base in the town of Sake, some 25 km west of Goma the capital of North Kivu province.

First to display their might were South African Special forces assigned to FIB. From section attacks also known as A-coy to platoon attacks or B-coy, as well as mortar and platoon machine guns.

Two thirds of the Intervention Force Brigade troops have already arrived in Goma, and have been conducting drill exercises like this in preparation for deployment and engagement.

SOUNDBITE (English) Colonel Abdoul Ndiaye, Military Public Information Officer, MONUSCO:
“The purpose of this is just to show the people that two thirds of the soldiers who are here are fully operational. And you have to bear in mind that if there is a request to conduct a special task, as a commander, you need to have all your components of this formation to be on the ground to start the operations.”

The Intervention force comprises of troops from South Africa and Tanzania as well as soldiers from Malawi due in Congo. The troops in Sake have already begun patrolling Goma and the surrounding areas. 

The remaining one third of the troops from the Malawi Defense Force is expected to arrive in Goma soon to complete the formation to full strength.

Tanzanian soldiers also exhibited their military tactics, including support section maneuvers, night protection and attacks as well as extractions.

SOUNDBITE (English) Colonel Abdoul Ndiaye, Military Public Information Officer, MONUSCO:
“You have seen the soldiers, they have the morale because they are aware of the expectations of the Congolese people they’re aware of the expectations of the international community. They know that there are many expectations on their hands and they’re ready for the challenge.”

The FIB is a force that comprises different units of well organized soldiers with planning and techniques on how to use assorted weapons. On display was also the use and operation of heavy ground artillery operated by the Tanzanian special force.

The soldiers have the military capacity to engage and defeat the enemy in battle. 

SOUNDBITE (English) Colonel Abdoul Ndiaye, Military Public Information Officer, MONUSCO:
“The people are now in a hurry, they’re impatient, and they would like to see the FIB (Force Intervention Brigade) on the ground carrying out its operations. But it will be done very soon because we’re just waiting for the main part of the Malawians to arrive. And those you saw this morning like the South Africans, Tanzanians and the Malawians are also operational soldiers.”

The Security Council approved the creation of its first-ever “offensive” combat force, intended to carry out targeted operations to “neutralize and disarm” the notorious 23 March Movement (M23), as well as other Congolese rebels and foreign armed groups in strife-raven eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Acting on the recommendations of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and answering the call of Governments in Africa’s Great Lakes region, the Council unanimously adopted resolution 2098 (2013). By that action, it extended until 31 March 2014, the mandate of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) and created, on an exceptional basis,” within the operation’s existing 19,815 strong force.

The security situation in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains tense with the recent fighting from M23 and ADF rebels groups that are still active in North Kivu.