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December 30th, 2009

Spokesperson:  Professor  Yaa-Lengi

The last time there was a holocaust in Congo (1887-1907, over 10 million killed), British and American people reacted with a great national revulsion… Millions petitioned Parliament to act, and the Royal Albert Hall (in England) was packed out with mass meetings detailing the Congo’s long nightmare.  A century on, the words and analyses of that great campaign still ring true.  Joseph Conrad called it “the vilest scramble for loot that has ever disfigured the human conscience” – words that would make a perfect introduction to the reports of the UN Panel of Experts now (i.e., U.N. 7/2/1997, 4/12/2001, 10/16/2002) .

“But today(‘s Congo holocaust), these four (May 1996) million people have died in the dark, unnoticed and unmourned. The generations living in the West today have said nothing while the country has been reduced to near-Leopoldian levels of desperation by the scramble for loot, conducted on our behalf and for our benefit…” (The Independent of London, 5/5/2006; Johann Hari reporting from the Congo: “Congo’s Tragedy: the War the World Forgot”.).

We, the Congolese community of New York, of the US, and of the Diaspora, URGE ALL NATIONS,

  • On the Present Uprising by the Congolese people in northwestern Congo (blacked out in Western media),
  • On MONUC, Rwandan soldiers, and mercenaries fighting against the Congolese in northwestern Congo,
  • On the UN having refused, since 1998, to denounce the genocide of over 10 million Congolese,
  • On the UN covering up that the 1996 and 1998 invaders of the Congo did set up a Rwandan as president of the Congo (who was then “officialized” through rigged elections); then, he and his boss Kagame  have been covering up his Rwandan identity using assassinations, imprisonment, torture, intimidation, and corruption:
  1. To REFRAIN from joining or helping either Rwanda, or foreign forces under the cover of MONUC, or so-called “Congolese” forces comprising Rwandan soldiers, in order to attack the Congolese people who have risen up to put a stop to the genocide perpetrated on the Congolese with intent to annex Congo’s territories, gang rape, torture, mutilate, beside raping their resources by Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi, in complicity with the Rwandan Hyppolite Kanambe, a.k.a. “Joseph Kabila” in Kinshasa, and their foreign backers.
  1. To DENOUNCE Rwanda, Uganda, and any other border country “producing” Congolese resources that they do not have themselves, and to DEMAND that the countries and companies involved in exploiting the resources of the Congo stop going through foreign and non-Congolese and non-official elements.
  1. To finally SUPPORT the Congolese people as they have decided to get rid of both Rwandan and Ugandan control of their eastern provinces and remove Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila, the Rwandan agent they set up as president in Kinshasa:


because it is known today that Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi invaded and occupied the Congo, and they have committed a genocide of over 10 million Congolese, gang raped hundreds of thousands, mutilated, tortured, and debased millions more [see “Belgian paratroopers to crush rising Congo Rebellion?… Kabila regime under siege on multiple fronts” by Keith H. Snow, 12/5/2009,; U.N., 7/2/1997, 01/24/2003; Human Rights Watch, 4/8/2009: “DRC: Brutal Rapes by (mostly Rwandan) Rebels and Army”; The Times of London, 4/7/2009, Catherine Philip: “(Rwanda,) Yesterday a victim, today an oppressor: how aid funds war in Congo”; Washington Post, 7/2/08, Ambassador Cohen’s answer to Lynne Duke’s article  of 6/29/03 titled “Whispers  of Genocide, and Again, Africa Suffers Alone”; Ludo Martens’ interview in Belgium’s Le Solidaire, 6/28/2005; Los Angeles Times, 2/17/2007, Sebastian Rotella:  “Genocide Findings Cause and Uproar”;  Open Letter to the Leaders of the World, on Rwanda’s Paul Kagame and his RPF committing genocide and running crematoriums both in Rwanda and in Congo DRC, by Rutayisire Boniface, 8/28/2009, see,; The Independent of London, 10/30/2008, Johann Hari: “How we Fuel Africa’s Bloodiest War”; The Herald of London, 11/22/2008: “West’s Involvement in Congo’s Suffering” by Duncan McFarlane, Beanshields, Braidwood, Carluke; Yaa-Lengi Ngemi’s Genocide in the Congo (Zaire), Writers Club Press, 2000].


because the United Nations’ own investigators, since the beginning of the Congo genocide, have documented and denounced “The Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of Wealth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo” (U.N. 7/2/1997, 4/12/2001, 10/16/2002). YET, the UN members, being led by the Bill Clinton’s administration, completely ignored both the evidence and the recommendations presented in these reports because the UN member nations listed in these reports profited from this genocide (Also see The Independent of London, 10/30/2008, Johann Hari: “How we Fuel Africa’s Bloodiest War”; The Herald of London, 11/22/2008: “West’s Involvement in Congo’s Suffering” by Duncan McFarlane, Beanshields, Braidwood, Carluke; The Heinz Journal, 3/15/2006, Vol 3, Issue 1: “Congo, Coltan, Conflict” by Benjamin Todd”).  Today, it befalls the UN membership  to remember that the United States is NO LONGER being led by the US president who actually sponsored and led the invasions of the Congo and hindered all investigations and truth from coming out. As a slap in the face of Congolese (and members of the UN had kept quiet whereas they joined military forces against Saddam Hussein when he did the same thing and invaded Koweit), a recently hired lobbyist for Paul Kagame’s Rwanda plainly stated in the mouthpiece of Congolese people’s enemies, The New York Times (see op-ed of 12/16/2008, “Can Africa Trade Its Way to Peace”, in an apparent attempt to influence President Obama, that “from 1996 to today, the Tutsi-led Rwandan government has been in effective control of Congo’s eastern provinces of North and South Kivu”; not shying away from stating this obvious violation of both international law and the UN Charter: the invasion, occupation, and control of another sovereign country’s territory.  TODAY, President Barack Obama wants TRUTH, Peace, Justice, and Democracy in the Congo.  In fact, as a senator, President Barack Obama introduced, in December 2005, a bill in the US Congress that was passed and signed by President Bush on December 22, 2006.  The title of this bill is The Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security and Democracy Promotion Act”. TODAY is the day for the UN members to change their attitudes and actions vis-à-vis the genocide in the Congo and the scramble for its resources and for its territories by Rwanda and Uganda.


because the Congolese people have risen up to remove the Rwandan imposed as president of Congo, to stop the Congo genocide at the hands of and the occupation of Congo by Rwanda and Uganda who, in order to completely control the government in Kinshasa while Rwanda and Uganda continue to kill, rape, and steal in the East, conspired to set up as president of the Congo, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. “Joseph Kabila”, a Rwandan “subject” – in the word of the former Belgian foreign minister, Karel De Gulch – after they assassinated the Congolese Laurent Kabila who had helped raise H. Kanambe, the son of his Tutsi friend, Christopher Kanambe and his Tutsi wife, Marceline Mukaraguje (See Belgian’s Le Soir, 1/19/2001, Collette Braekman: “Joseph Kabila… is English-speaking, of a Tutsi mother, he lived in Tanzania”; A Belgian deputy member of parliament, Mr. Cocriamont, accused the Belgian government of imposing a foreigner, a Rwandan Tutsi, as the president of the DR Congo).  The UN either slept or willfully looked the other way while Hyppolite Kanambe, Rwanda and Uganda have gone on an assassination rampage of Congo’s civilian and military leadership as well as anyone that dared question Kanambe’s background and identity (see Human Rights Watch, 11/25/2008: “DR Congo: President Brutally Represses Opposition; Two years since elections, 500 dead, 1,000 detained, and many tortured”;  Or the New York Times boasting that the Congo’s president “has been widely accused of silencing political enemies with heavy doses of lead”,  4/4/2009, J. Gettleman; also, the assassination of Laurent Kabila’s family members and his biological daughter, Aimee Kabila in Kinshasa for refusing to publicly announce that Hyppolite Kanambe was her biological brother;  Laurent Kabila’s other children live in exile for fear of their lives…).  Hyppolite Kanambe also commanded the Rwandan forces that invaded the Congo and committed a genocide of over 500,000 Hutus in refugee camps (see reports at the EU and UN by Emma Bonino, Roberto Gareton, and Aldo Ajello).

“…In Europe, in 1944, the major Nazi collaborators were sentenced and shot dead.  In the Congo, the US (the Clinton Administration) demanded that the invaders’ collaborators become (president,) vice-presidents and ministers…” (Ludo Martens’ interview in Belgium’s Le Solidaire, 6/28/2005).

Coalition for Peace, Justice, and Democracy in the Congo-Zaire (CONGOCOALITION)

Spokesperson:  Professor  Yaa-Lengi  (718-610-9388) –