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Makolo Digital Tele- LAVDCONGO

Confinement a Kinshasa: Les mesures preventives du gouvernement, les actions et reactions de Kinois

Radio TV LAVDC Panorama d’Afrique is an internet Radio and TV mandated to deliver public value of news, education, and entertainment all people around the world by means of radio and its television channel. More African music, tradition and culture .
As a radio and TV from New York LAVDCongo thinks that it is its duty and responsibility to promote the African music through its various popular culture and musical programs. Lots of types of African music are played at the radio that creates an environment that attracts the kinds of listeners who loves African music. Radio TV LAVDC Panorama d’Afrique operate on YouTube and on our website 24/7.
We are fully providing information and education mainly to Students, education institutions to English, French speaking communities. Giving opportunities and details on how to access tuition fees, inscription to different universities, and serving international students as well.
LAVD Congo official website address is
Need African breaking news, stay tuned.

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