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In Englsih: How Jeannette Kagame’s mafia network has continued to plunder DR Congo .

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jeannette kagame-Umuvugizi has been investigating Jeannette Kagame’s mafia network in DR Congo which has continued to smuggle DR Congo wealth minerals in areas controlled by M23 rebel group .

With help of Major General Jack Nziza , Jeannette Kagame’s upper man used to shield her smuggling operations in DR Congo through President Kagame’s proxy rebel groups which has been chronologically terrorising DR Congo , Jeannette Kagame managed to use her confident Jacqueline Mukeshimana Bunyenyezi who they grew up in there childhood and later on in there youth during the time they where still enjoying in hideouts of Nairobi shortly before getting married .

It’s of that close ties that Jeannette Kagame trusted Jacqueline Mukeshimana Bunyenyezi in order to coordinate her mafia network of smuggling timber and mineral resources from M23 rebel group controlled territories.

There smuggling of DR Congo started far back in 2006 when Jeannette Kagame mafia network was coordinated by Simba Manasseh working together with Jackline Mukeshimana Bunyenyezi who after dying mysteriously Jeannette Kagame appointed Jacqueline Mukeshimana to take over as her Mafia network ring leader, smuggling Timber and minerals in former areas controlled by CNDP through Gen Ntaganda and FDLR armed group which worked on directives of Major General Jack Nziza .

We also got reliable news which justified that the arrest of CNDP former rebel leader Gen Laurant Nkunda was led due to his reckless character of arresting FDLR rebels who where trafficking Minerals through areas near by his controlled territory and forgot that those FDLR Rebel group where working for Jeannette Kagame’s mafia network through Major General Jack Nziza and Mafia Jackline Mukeshimana Bunyenyezi.

Due to the profitability of Jeannette Kagame’s mafia network ,this led her husband president Kagame to engage the country into his fuelled DR Congo conflict in disguise of his rebel group M23 in order to capture wider DR Congo territory in order to plunder DR Congo minerals at a cost of innocent Rwandans and Congolese who have continued to perish simply because of their greedy character ,reasons as why president Kagame is desperately mobilising regional power to attack UN Forces in DR Congo simply because of resisting the disarm of his notorious proxy rebel group M23 .

Jeannette Kagame’s Mafia network uses routes of Warikare ,Masisi through Goma to Gisenyi where Jacquline Bunyenyezi possess a house situated near Lake Kivu where there agents deliver minerals which are transported from there depot to Kigali protocoled by Presidential guards who uses vehicle with security number plates ”Ugandan Feck Number plates”.

The same Mafia network escorted by Jackline Mukeshimana Bunyenyezi use routes of DR Congo through M23 controlled Zone of Bunagana to smuggle timber famously known as ”libuyu wood” which is exported by that mafia network.


 By Gasasira,Sweden

           Thé Mulindwas Communication Group
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